Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Synergy – desktop expansion across physical machines

Using both my PC and my Mac on a daily basis means I tend to have 3 displays running on my desk; dual screens on the PC and one on my MacBook. In amongst the dead hard disks, PDAs and digital cameras that seem to pile up I don’t really have much room for another keyboard and mouse so this is where Synergy comes in.

Basically it allows you to seamlessly use the keyboard and mouse from one machine on another physical machine by moving the mouse pointer off the edge of one display and onto another, rather like dual displays. As I move the pointer across the left edge of my PC it magically continues its movement onto the right side of my Mac display and the PC keyboard becomes the Mac keyboard.

It's a very clever idea for reducing desk clutter and leaving more space for my dead hard disks and coffee cups.

Download Synergy from here:

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