Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Maximising windows on OS X - MegaZoomer

One thing that often bugs me coming from Windows to the Mac is the behaviour of the zoom window button (the green +). It resizes the window to fit the contents, sometimes making it larger, often making it smaller, whereas on Windows you have a maximise button that expands the window to fill the screen.

I often want the window I’m concentrating on to take advantage of the whole screen, hiding any visual distractions such as the desktop clutter and other applications. I use this function constantly in Windows when image editing, designing layouts, using Office apps, browsing the web, email etc.

There is a strong argument that Apple should at least give users an option to change this behaviour, especially if they are trying to attract more Windows users to the platform. In the meantime I came across this handy little utility called MegaZoomer from Ian Henderson that maximises windows to full screen with a keyboard shortcut (command + enter). It doesn’t work with everything (Word for example) but otherwise appears to work very well and hides all that desktop clutter.

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