Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Mac things I wish I had on my PC #2… Exposé

Ok, to be honest I personally find the Windows taskbar buttons a quicker and easier way to switch between tasks than the OS X system, especially when combined with maximised windows when you can't see what's behind.

However Apple came up with a pretty cool solution in Tiger called Exposé which displays all open window as thumbnails. By default its activated by some F keys but you can create hotspots in the corners of the screen which I find more handy.

So for the Windows platform there is TopDesk from Otaku Software which does a straight copy of the Exposé stuff perfectly but also has a few other tricks like a 3D spinning effect for extra eye-candy and the Vista style Flip3D task switching for XP.

You can get TopDesk here:

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Derek Fowler said...

Awesome - no need for Vista then!